On the 23rd of October, Ordinance no. 250-A/2020 was published, which creates the “Jovem+ Digital” program aimed at young adults, aged between 18 and 35 years, who intend to improve their digital skills. The program aims to contribute to the strengthening of young adults' professional skills to improve their employability.

The training courses/paths available in the National Qualifications Catalog fall into several areas, namely Cybersecurity, Digital Commerce, Productivity and Collaboration Tools, Data Analysis, Business Intelligence, Programming Languages, UX/UI Design, and Social Network Management. These training paths have a duration of up to 350 hours, with autonomous certification. The training units carried out are credited to obtain a level 4 or 5 qualification in the digital area within the National Qualifications Framework.

The management and monitoring of "Jovem + Digital" are ensured by IEFP, I. P. (Institute for Employment and Professional Training), and the program is open to other training entities.