The project will aim at:

Upskilling the digital/media competences of low-skilled/low-qualified unemployed people, mainly adults over 45, through innovative tools in order to motivate and enable them to build a strong online professional identity to strengthen their access to employment, leading to socioeconomic inclusion.

Increasing the knowledge of employment/career counselors and/or relevant authorities, organisations/companies working with low-skilled/low-qualified unemployed and endow them with a new approach/tools for supporting and interacting with middle-aged unemployed persons through social media.

Target Groups

LINK-UPS project will target:

Low-skilled/low-qualified unemployed adults, particularly over 45, in Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey.

Employment/career counselors and/or relevant authorities, organisations and companies working with low-skilled/low-qualified unemployed (e.g. public employment services, recruiters).

Our Partners

The consortium consists of 6 partners from 4 EU countries (Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, and Spain) plus Turkey sharing similar challenges and covering a variety of sectoral, geographical and professional backgrounds, ensuring the implementation of a multi-level and interdisciplinary project.