The third transnational project meeting took place in Madrid, Spain, on 22-23 January 2020, hosted by RED2RED and with the participation of representatives from all the partners. During the meeting, the interactive platform and its last developments were presented, and the partners had the chance to test and fine tune it directly. Partners made a review of the results of the first round of the pilot implementation of digital skills building in the partner countries. The final contents of the IO3 - Usability manual for professionals were discussed and approved by the partners. The meeting’s overall results were positive, revealing the success of the work developed by the activity leaders of IO2 and IO3 jointly with the partners.



The project was presented at Ignite Moita – Projetos que Inspiram (“Ignite Moita – Inspiring Projects”), held in Moita, Portugal, on 17 July 2019, under the organisation of Ignite Portugal and CLDS Moita. Ignite Portugal is a set of events that uses the power of short-form storytelling to grow a thriving community centered on the exchange of diverse stories and challenging ideas and projects.